Our philosophy and about us

We are a local, independent, family owned and operated restaurant. We believe in cooking from scratch, value for your dollar and for your family. We love laughter, creativity and following your passion.  Luckily for us we get to do what we love every day now that we have Croby's Urban Viddles. Our recipes come from family and friends as well as our own creativity.  We rally from mistakes and look at them as lessons to make a better product.  Well, eventually we do.  Some of us (Shannon) take longer to rally.  Haha

We do things differently at Croby's.


-We've updated Southern recipes by using healthier ingredients (chicken & center cut pork loin.) and cooking methods (rotisserie)

-We chose to do counter service vs full table service to keep costs down; therefore being able to offer better prices.  Most of the       time we bring your food out, check on you and clear your table if we have time.  So it's kind of like combo counter/table service.

-We believe in working as a team.  The "kitchen" staff helps the "front" staff and vice versa.  All employees are paid at least minimum wage based on their experience.  The tips are pooled weekly. Everyone except the managers and owners share those tips based on number of hours worked that week. 

-We believe in family meal time.  There are no TV's in Croby's.

-We cook from scratch.  Our House honey potato bread is a customer favorite and is homemade daily at Croby's.

    Although we put our own sauces, butters and seasonings on the slider buns, Kaiser rolls, Cuban bread and tater tots; these items are not made in our kitchen.  There just aren't enough hours in the day to make it all:)

-Our kitchen is open by design. We keep it clean and organized and welcome you to watch us prepare your food. Ask and we will show

    you around.  We are proud of our kitchen and glad to show it off. 

-We encourage creativity and imagination by having a blackboard wall for everyone to draw on.!

-We try to minimize food waste by utilizing the same ingredients in multiple recipes and keeping our menu small

-We use 100% recyclable containers, napkins and silverware for to go orders

-We welcome feedback.. Good and bad.  Truly.  Criticism is hard to give and take but we appreciate it as it helps us grow and be better.


So that's a little about our philosophy.  Here's who we are...


Rob Campbell moved to Charlottesville eleven years ago to take a job in corporate finance.  In early 2016 he decided to leave the corporate world and open a business with his sister Shannon.  He brings finance and marketing skills to the Croby's team and excels at being the front man, welcoming each guest to the restaurant. 


Shannon Campbell moved from south Florida (Palm Beach Gardens, where she and Rob grew up) just about two years ago.  She has been in the restaurant business for 25 years, working all positions FOH (Front of the House; hosting, waiting, bartending, managing) and BOH (pantry, line and expo).  She was with Panama Hattie's in North Palm Beach, Florida for 22 of those years and then Holy Smoke's until moving here.  Both local, independent restaurants gave her the skills and knowledge needed for Croby's.


Mike Marcinek, cousin to Rob and Shannon moved to C'ville in March 2016.  Rob and Shannon called him up and asked (begged!) if he would come up and help open Croby's.  Mike brings his own 25 years of restaurant experience to our team; working as a manager, bartender and all positions kitchen in Outback, Carraba's and Hop's.  Hailing from the Lakeland, Winter Haven Florida area Mike has fallen in love with Charlottesville and has decided to stay a while!  Here's hoping he stays with us for many years to come.


Thank you for your feedback, patronage, conversations and silly jokes. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our table for many years to come!


Rob Campbell

Shannon Campbell

Mike Marcinek