Who is Croby?

"Croby" and Shannon's dog Mulligan
"Croby" and Shannon's dog Mulligan

This is "Croby"; our Dad, Denny Campbell.  His Uncle Matthew gave him that nickname when he was a young kid growing up in a small town in Kentucky.  Our Dad HATES the nickname.  Why?  The town's n'er do well was named Croby.  So when my Dad would mess something up, his Uncle Matthew would say, "way to go Croby".


What better way to honor our father than to name the restaurant his most hated nickname? Haha. It took a while, but he has warmed to the idea and actually is delighted. 


Just don't call him Croby.    


But if he's in C'ville visiting from Florida...grab a seat, muss his hair, eat from his plate and take sips of his beer:)


Yeah, don't do that either.  But do grab a seat and introduce yourself.  He loves to talk and has never met a stranger.  He's an amazing man and we are honored that he's our Dad. We love you Dad!!



-We do have a pretty spectacular Mom too.  She just prefers to remain behind the scenes.  She has given us recipes (Mama Lou's chocolate cake and the Chicken Alfredo) and support in too many ways to list here.  She is smart, beautiful, funny, loving and brave.  Without her encouragement Croby's would still be a dream, not a reality.

We love you Mom.


We have a pretty spectacular family and are very blessed.

Why "Urban Viddles"?

"Urban"= city, citifed; of the city

"Viddles"= Southern slang for food or vegetables that provides vital nutrients


We grew up with family meals filled with great conversations and even better food! Rooted in South Carolina and Kentucky, holiday family meals included cornbread, okra, mashed potatoes, gravy...and the list goes on; all made from scratch.  The kitchens were always filled with chaos, great smells and conversation.  When deciding to open our own restaurant, we wanted to recreate that atmosphere..  Home, good food, laughter and family.  And then bring a little modernization ("urban", "city") to those recipes by updating our favorite Southern comfort food ("viddles") through different ingredients and cooking methods.